Compound# SU13445

40-50 Durometer, Shore A, Natural Rubber/Polyisoprene. The physical characteristics of the rubber shall meet the following minimum requirements:
Durometer Hardness, Shore A 40 50 ASTM D2240
Specific Gravity 1.04 1.158 ASTM D297
Tensile Strength, (PSI) 2500   ASTM D412
Ultimate Elongation (%) 400   ASTM D412
300% Modulus (PSI) 500   ASTM D412
Compression Set   30% ASTM D395, Method B, 22 hours at 70°C, 25% deflection, 1/2 hour recovery
Water Absorption   5% by weight ASTM D471, 168 hours at 70°C, Distilled Water
Oxygen Bomb Again
(% Change in Tensile Strength)
80% of Original   ASTM D572, Aged 48 hours at 70°C at 300 PSI O2 in Pressure Vessel
Low Temperature Brittleness All Pass with No Cracks   ASTM D2137, Method A, Parameter 9.3.2; 5 Modified T-50 Specimens, 3 min at -40°C