Terminology - R

  • RADIAL GATE: A device used for controlling the flow of water over spillways or into canals by having the upstream face curved in the form of an arc at the center of the gate hinge.
  • REJECTION NUMBER: A number used in connection with a sampling plan such that if the number of nonconforming units in the sample taken from the lot is equal to or greater than this number, the lot should be rejected.
  • ROLLER GATE: A gate used in a levee opening for flood control, usually so wide or long that rollers are required at the bottom to support it during opening and closing.
  • RUBBER: A material that is capable of recovering from large deformations quickly and forcibly. It can be modified to a state in which it is essentially insoluble, but can swell, in a boiling solvent — such as benzene, methyl ethyl-ketone, and ethanol-toluene a zoetrope. Rubber in its modified state, free of dilutions, will retract within 1 minute to less than 1.5x its original length, after being stretched at room temperature to twice its length and held for 1 minute before release.
  • RUBBER LATEX: Colloidal aqueous/water emulsion of an elastomer.