Terminology - I

  • INSERT: A part — frequently metal — which is placed in a mold and appears as an integral part of the molded product.
  • INSPECTION: The examination and testing of suppliers or services — including raw materials, components and intermediate assemblies — to determine whether they conform to contract requirements.
  • INSPECTION BY ATTRIBUTES: An inspection where a product is classified as conforming or non-conforming, or where the number of departures from requirements is counted and recorded.
  • INSPECTION BY VARIABLES: An inspection where a specific quality product characteristic is measured on a continuous scale, such as pounds, inches, feet per second, etc., and a measurement is recorded.
  • INTAKE GATE: A gate provided to shut off flow of water into a water intake passage or penstock that leads to a turbine.
  • IRHD: International Rubber Hardness (IRHD) is a repeatable test completed as a way to determine the hardness of rubber parts. Used as an alternative to the Shore Hardness test. For a complete definition see ASTM D1415-68 Standard Method of Test for International Hardness of Vulcanized Natural and Synthetic Rubbers.