Terminology - H

  • HEAD PRESSURE: The pressure exerted by the weight of water per unit of any given depth below the surface. Approximately 4 lbs per square inche per foot of depth. (Hydro Dam Reference)
  • HIGH HEAD(WATER): High water pressure on a gate and seal due to how deep the gate is in a dam.
  • HNBR: Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (HNBR) is a relatively nitrile butadiene rubber that was engineered for greater resistance to chemicals and oil.
  • HOT VULCANIZED SPLICE: Utilizes a rubber based adhesive and a custom fixture to produce the best quality bond possible. This process is typically more time consuming, however yields a splice that has many of the same properties of the rubber and is less noticeable. This type of splice is the most durable.
  • HYDRO PLANT: A plant built in conjunction with a dam to provide water flow through turbine generators, causing electricity.